Thursday, April 23, 2015

#DepressingTVReboots: With the Current Reboot Fever on TV, Twitter Offers Some Suggestions

David Tennant to star in Doctor Wha?
This was a fun little trending topic I noticed on Twitter yesterday.  Apparently the recent announcement of the Full House revival on Netflix (along with all the other revivals in the works) sparked plenty of suggestions for more reboots and revivals such as Saved by the Bail from ‏@SusiePlascencia, Pee Wee's Half-Way House from @shelikesitloud, and Mystery Creationism Theater 3000 from (@nerdist).  Among my suggests were Doctor Wha?, The Hot Flash, The Beverly Hillbilly Cop, Star Trek: Deep Throat 9, The Six Trillion Dollar Deficit Man, Gilligan's Temptation Island, CSI: Mayberry, and McHale's NCIS.  I hear the CBS saw those last two and is actually working on getting something into development . . . 

Here's some more of the suggestions from Twitter and you can search #DepressingTVReboots to find even more and/or make your suggestions:

Leave It To Beiber#DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Clifton Millimen(@i_am_clifton) April 22, 2015

It's the Great Depression, Charlie Brown #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Geoffrey Gould (@realbadger) April 22, 2015

Everybody Loves Ramen #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Charley Kaye (@Ckandrew14) April 22, 2015

#DepressingTVReboots Repossessed Little House on the Prairie
— Lee Healey (@HealeyCartoons) April 22, 2015

Occupy Sesame Street @midnight #DepressingTVReboots
— Bryan Behar (@bryanbehar) April 22, 2015

Bill Nye The Scientology Guy @midnight #DepressingTVReboots
— Kenny (@PhillyCustoms) April 22, 2015

Kardashian 54, Where Are You? #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) April 22, 2015

American Horror Tolstory#DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) April 22, 2015

Murder, She Texted #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Robert Buscemi™ (@RobertBuscemi) April 22, 2015

Malcolm in the Middle East #DepressingTVReboots
— SubMedina (@SubMedina) April 22, 2015

Third Reich From The Sun #DepressingTVReboots
— blmayne (@blmayne) April 22, 2015

AA team #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— Craig Hargis (@chargis) April 22, 2015

Mobile Home Improvement #DepressingTVReboots @midnight
— HoJo (@HollyLynnJ) April 22, 2015

Word is that the networks are setting up pitch sessions for some of these now . . . 

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