Friday, October 3, 2014

Focus on Fall Sci Fi TV: Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Disney XD, New Series, Premiere Movie Airs Friday October 3rd 9 PM EST, Series Premieres Monday Octobers 13th 9 PM EST

star-wars-rebels-cancelledThis animated series takes place between Episode III and IV of the movies and the show's website describes the premise thusly:
The story unfolds during a dark time when the evil Galactic Empire is tightening its grip of power on the galaxy. Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet and are ruining the lives of its people. The motley but clever crew of the starship Ghost – cowboy Jedi Kanan, ace pilot Hera, street-smart teenager Ezra, the "muscle" Zeb, warrior firebrand Sabine, and cantankerous old astromech droid Chopper – is among a select few who are brave enough to stand against the Empire. Together, they will face threatening new villains, encounter colorful adversaries, embark on thrilling adventures and become heroes with the power to ignite a rebellion.

The movie Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion will premiere on the Disney XD website on September 29 and then on the Disney XD channel on October 3rd.  Then the weekly series will begin in its regular Monday timeslot on October 13th at 9 PM EST.  You can see the trailer for the show below and several shorts and additional clips at the show's website.

From what I have seen so far, the animation looks good, which was the strongest point of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  But it looks like they have to have the requisite, annoying teenager as the focus of the series and also the expected wise-cracking badass running around as well.  Hopefully, though, it won't turn out as derivative and redundant as The Clone Wars did.  And since its Star Wars, we have to at least give it a look.  My expectations are not too high for this one, but I'm at least hoping it delivers some entertaining space opera each week that's not too bogged down by cliche.

As far as its chances for survival, this one is a strong contender going in and will likely go as long as Disney wants to air it. The only reason that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was truncated (though it made it well past the hundred episodes Lucas originally envisioned) was because Disney was cleaning house of the old in preparation for the new. Expect Rebels to pull decent ratings for its network and stick around for several years.  And sell a ton of toys and other merchandising in the process . . .

Here is the Trailer:

The First Star Wars Rebels Lego Sets are Available Now:

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