Friday, January 3, 2014

Cancellation Watch Power Rankings: Ranking the Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows from Least to Most Likely to Get Cancelled

This kicks off a new companion piece to my Cancellation Watch column which will be ranking the current sci fi and fantasy shows from strongest to weakest based on where I believe they stand as far as their renewal or cancellation prospects.  My Power Rankings follow my Cancellation Alerts pretty closely, but they expand on those and show all the factors that I believe should be taken into consideration.  This is the mid-season edition of the Power Rankings which looks at the returning Fall shows plus the other returning genre shows that will have their debuts over the next few months like Being Human, Teen Wolf, and Game of Thrones.  I will be doing a separate look at the new mid-season shows next week.  And I will be updating the Power Rankings every week to two weeks as new ratings information is tabulated.  The rankings order the shows by those least likely to get cancelled to those most likely.  Any non-cancelled show in its final season will be addressed separately at the bottom.  Read the full article as

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