Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cancellation Watch: Is There Still Hope for Syfy’s Haven? Can the Fans Keep the Show Alive?

The Syfy supernatural series Haven wrapped up its fourth season in December and now has to play the waiting game to see if it will get renewed for a fifth year. But the fact is that its prospects do not look too good at this point based on its ratings results from the past few months. The show averaged a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic based on the overnight results this past season which is a very marginal number for an original scripted drama airing on that network and I have yet to see Syfy renew a show with ratings that low. Last year, Alphas averaged a 0.4 rating for its second season and it got axed. Two years ago, Sanctuary got cancelled after its fourth season even though it averaged a 0.5 score. And most recently, Warehouse 13–once a flagship series for the network–received a truncated final season order of only six episode after it averaged a 0.5 for its fourth season. So it seems at best that Haven can hope for that final shortened season order, but there’s a good chance it may not even get that. Some may point out that the shows Lost Girl and Continuum have had consistently lower numbers than all those mentioned above and yet received renewals. However, those series originate from the Canadian Showcase channel which bears the brunt of the financial responsibility and their performance up north more heavily influences whether they get renewed. Haven is also produced in Canada, but Syfy pays the bills for that one, so they need to see sufficient ratings from its first run episodes to cover the costs for the show.  Read the full article at CancelledScifi.com

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