Saturday, November 23, 2013

Numbers Overload: Almost Human Lands in the Broadcast Network Top 10 with its Debut

FOX’s Almost Human debuted this past Sunday to strong ratings and that found the show taking the Number 8 slot among broadcast network shows based on the ratings in the 18-49 demographic.  It’s a pretty impressive bow, but unfortunately the show dropped considerably in the ratings the next night when it took up its regular Monday 8 PM EST timeslot.  Based on the numbers from that episode (a 2.3 rating), the series should still be in the Top 25 when the next ranking comes out, but somewhere closer to the bottom.  As for the other genre shows in the broadcast network Top 25, Sleepy Hollow leap-frogged Agents of SHIELD and looks to stay ahead of that show in the coming weeks.  In the cable charts, The Walking Dead took the top spot based on total viewership, even beating out football this time around.  Person of Interest moved up the broadcast network charts based on total viewership to the Number 7 slot.  And on the DVR gains chart, Vampire Diaries snuck into the Number 22 slot as Agents of SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow slipped out while in repeats for the week tracked (October 28th to November 3rd). 

Top 25 Nov 11th to Nov 17th  

Cable Networks

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
1. The Walking Dead (AMC) 12.0 Million (Prior Week - #2, 12.2 MM)
9. American Horror Story: Coven (FX) 4.2 Million (Prior Week - #12, 3.8 MM)
10. The Talking Dead (AMC) 4.1 Million (Prior Week - #9, 4.3 MM)

Broadcast Networks

Ratings:  18-49 demographic in Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
8. Almost Human (FOX) 3.1 Rating (Prior Week - n/a)
17. Sleepy Hollow (FOX) 2.6 Rating (Prior Week - #20 2.5 Rating)
23. Agents of SHIELD (ABC) 2.2 Rating (Prior Week - #19 2.5 Rating)

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
7. Person of Interest (CBS) 12.6 million (Prior Week – #9, 11.8 MM)

Live+7 Day DVR Ratings: 

Top 25 Ratings Increase for the Week of October 28th to November 3rd  
9. Once Upon A Time: Rating Increase - 1.2, Final Rating - 3.5
12. Grimm: Rating Increase - 1.1, Final Rating - 2.6
15. Person of Interest: Rating Increase - 1.0, Final Rating - 2.9
20. Dracula: Rating Increase - 0.9, Final Rating - 2.2
22. Revolution: Rating Increase - 0.9, Final Rating - 2.3
22. Vampire Diaries: Rating Increase - 0.8, Final Rating - 1.7

Dropping Out: Agents of SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow (In Repeats that Week)

Sci Fi TV in Comics Due Out November 27th:

Battlestar Galactica #6
IDW Publishing

Description: What is it like to be amember of the Battlestar's valiant crew? Find out in this issue as we follow the highs and lows of one duty shift aboard the Galactica... just a day like any other in the fight to keep Mankind alive!

By: Dan Abnett, Cezar Razek

Dark Shadows #23
Dynamite Entertainment

Description: It is a turning point in the lives of the residents of Collinwood. Reeling from the aftermath of their confrontation with Dark Barnabas and his family of vampires, no one has been left unscathed. With no place else to turn, and little hope of surviving another vampire encounter, Willie is forced to call in help from the most unlikely of sources... vampire hunters.

By: Mike Raicht, Nacho Tenorio, Francesco Francavilla

X-Files Season 10 #6
IDW Publishing

Description: Hosts, Part 1 of 2: Scully and Mulder try to come to terms with the fallout from recent events, but before they are able to catch their collective breath, they become embroiled in reports that a creature from their past as returned: 'Flukeman'!

By: Joe Harris, Elena Casagrande, Carlos Valenzuela

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